I Love That Movie

I got to be a guest on one of my latest favorite podcasts, “I Love That Movie” with Lisa Sanchelo. It was super fun! We did a deep dive on one of my favorite movies ever, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” I’ve seen this movie a hundred times, and it was so fun to be able to sit down and really consider the movie and what was in it. I’ve always watched it for fun, and I got a ton out of it by finally watching it with a critical eye. I think I actually appreciate it more now.

This is easily one of my favorite podcasts that I’m listening to right now. I feel like the movie part is obvious, but it’s really the love of movies that keeps me coming back to it. This isn’t a show where the host and her guest for the week are hyper critical of a movie. It’s a show where they just gush about movies they love. It makes for a very positive and engaging experience.

Give it a listen, and totally sub to the show! I really think you’ll love it!

I Love That Movie

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