New Show Alert!

You read that right! We have a new show called …

Side Quests: A Weekly Challenge Podcast

Jacob, Travis, and I got tired of talking about disease on Staring at Goats, so we dreamed up something new and we’re super pumped to have you join us on our adventure. The first episode should be going up soon, but in the meantime, here’s the rundown.

Each week we’re pitting two challenges against each other and letting our audience vote on which challenge we do that week. Think of it as a bracket, but the loser will progress and be attempted again later. The challenge that gets chosen is something the three of us will need to complete over the next week. No excuses!

The fun part about all this is that we want you to join us! You vote on the quests, and you get to participate in them alongside us. We want you to send us your emails, voicemails, twitter messages, and join us in Discord to let us know how the challenges went for you and what came of it.

So now that you have a brief overview, it’s time to tell you what the audience decided was our first challenge.

Culinary World Tour!

Our first challenge is to create 4 dishes over the next week that hail from different countries than yours. The idea here is not to create Mexican or Italian food you make every Friday, but to really stretch and try to make recipes from somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe you want to try Korean food for the first time. Sounds like a good opportunity to give it a go! Any food counts, so you can make this as difficult or as easy as you’d like. You know where your comfort zone is. Just attempt to step outside of it a bit.

Our next challenge poll is up this week. We have these two:

  • Face Your Death
  • Clean up a park/road

Face Your Death is a particularly somber one. We want you, and us, to craft an “I’m gonna die” plan. Basically, what do you want to be available for when you meet your ultimate demise. You’re not going to be around to tell your loved ones what to do with you, or to send that letter you always thought you’d send, or say the thing that you always wanted to say. Maybe you just need to collect your finances and plan a will. This challenge is to get us thinking about that and, at the very least, have a plan that should be executed when we let loose our mortal coil.

Cleaning up a park or road is much more self-explanatory. The world can be ugly if we don’t take care of it, so we should take a minute to clean something up. Just pick a park or a road nearby that you want to clean and collect a few garbage bags of junk. It makes a bigger difference than you might think, and you might be surprised how it goes for you.