About Us

In April of 2007, there was an idea among friends to create a podcast. That podcast was meant to highlight the strange stories that appeared in grocery store tabloids and tell some jokes. Little did we know it would lead to one of the most fun communities and creative outlets we could dream of.


Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is our flagship podcast that has been running since the very beginning. We decide to try some new things when we began streaming live on Twitch, and from there 2Dorks was born. We expanded to doing video game streams, D&D, and generally surrounding our group with more cool people doing cool things.


Now we have a wonderful community of nerds who all want to hang together and lift each other up in all of our creative endeavors. We are so excited about the possibilities of pulling together like minded folks to create great things and do good in the world wherever we can.

Thank you for coming to this landing page for our Legion of Dorks. I hope you find what you are looking for here and decide to join up with us in our efforts.