After the Con

You guys, I can’t begin to express what a wonderful experience Dragon Con was for us as a group of media creators. We got to hang out with some fantastic folks while we were there and walked away with some new relationships.

We’ve always done Dragon Con like “normal” people. We would go see celebrities, wait in line all day for stuff, go to the marketplace, and in general just wander from place to place taking cosplay pictures. This year we did it a bit different. We mainly stuck to the digital media track where most of our people were. It was definitely a different way to do it, but I think we walked out with more value than we had in previous years.

Not only that but we got to hang out with the wonderful Kelly and Zaepho who have been friends with us and part of the LoD for the last 2 years. We met them at Dragon Con a couple years ago, they decided to listen to our podcast, and have become such a great part of our lives in general. We also finally got to meet our troll turned friend SubjecttoChange. That guy is great! They were all so helpful when we did our live show and helping us find a place to chill at the end of busy days.

Only 356 days to the next one and I can’t wait!

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