Staring At Goats

Shame on me for not dropping a note about this new show here sooner, but I should!

I was approached a couple months back by my good friend Lando about doing a show to cover all the insanity that is COVID-19. He wanted to point out how absurd this world is getting because of this virus, and drop a little science on the whole thing as well.

Well that little idea has morphed into an actual show that we are doing every week to cover all the insanity that is what we’re calling The Plaguelands. My brother-in-law and producer of H&H, Jacob, wanted to join as well, so here we are doing a new show about the plague.

Over the last few episodes I think we’ve really begun to find our legs and really find a voice for this show. We’re still hunting around in the weeds a bit, but I think we’re on to something pretty magical. In general, we’re having a good time with it. It feels odd to say that, but I think it’s okay to find some joy in the mess that we’re all in. We’re all seeing so much doom and gloom every day that it’s nice to just see people cutting up a bit some time.

If you want to check out the show, swing on by our page on Anchor to give it a list. Or you can subscribe on your podcast player of choice! We’re everywhere. Have fun! Stay safe out there!

– Stephen

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  1. Hey Steven and Jacob,

    Branston here. Great show again this week! Great to have a shout out, I was cycling whilst listening to the show.

    In answer to your questions about UK baked goods.

    In the UK biscuits are what you guys know as cookies and we dip/dunk them in tea and coffee (no more than 3 dunks or you will lose your cookie). The biscuit (not official) law is you must take 3 at a time.


    In answer to your question about biscuits and the UK equivalent you are correct that savory scones (rhyming with stones) or scones (rhyming with gone) are the closest. There are three types of scones in the UK plain, fruit and savory. Plain and fruit tend to be sweeter and eaten with cream and jam, for an afternoon tea, especially by the Queen of England.
    Depending on where you are in the country denotes the order in which you cream and jam your scone. In Devon its split the scone, cream then jam. The Cornish method is split the scone, jam then cream.


    The savory scones usually have cheese and chives, but you can add cheese, onion, bacon or sundried tomatoes to the mix. These are served with butter and we do not have them in gravy.

    Here’s some recipes to try out.

    You spoke about crumpets on the show which are another type of bready food in the UK which I don’t believe you have in the USA. These come pre-made and you put them in the toaster to brown and get hot then put butter, syrup, jam marmite on them and melt into the holes. Old people in the UK like to have these for their supper with a cup of tea.


    I hope this helps. 😁

    Great show guys! Stay safe.


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