Live at NC Comic-Con

We did our third live show ever last Friday! It was fantastic! We went over to Durham to perform at NC Comic Con and had an absolute blast.

We really wanted to record this one but we had a little technical trouble and not a whole lot of time to troubleshoot it. So this is yet another live podcast that will not really be released in podcast form. Regardless, it was super enjoyable and everyone that came was so much fun.

The thing that continues to amaze me about these con shows it that we somehow manage to get people in the door who actually have no idea what our show is about, or what it is. These super fun people make their way into the room and not only stick around, but they participate and have a good time. I’m never sure how our games are going to go, and I’m always super happy with how it turns out.

I say all this to say thanks to everyone who came to those show, and I hope you find this page and check out all the stuff we produce. We’re super happy to have you, and I would love to see you pop into our discord and say “Hi!” We all sit around in there chatting throughout the day, and there’s just an awesome group of folks. JOIN US!

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